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About Us

TopLeagueBoost is one of the most trusted League of Legends boosting business on multiple gaming forums now, like EpicNPC, Ownedcore, ePVP, etc... We always tried to maintain a small, but professional boosting team. Our boosters largely come from a professional background in the League of Legends microcosm.

As with all businesses our primary goal is to make money, however, we didn't want to do it by providing expensive or poor service. For that reason we are only hiring the best of the best and trying to keep our prices low and quality high! After we outgrew some of the forums, we created this website to make it easier for our regulars to purchase our services.


  • Dedicated Customer Dashboard
  • Live API Shows Boost Progress
  • Chat with Booster
  • Pause/Unpause Order
  • Professional Boosters
  • Mandatory VPN Use by Boosters
  • Professional Support
  • And much more...

TopLeagueBoost is a Premium League of Legends Boosting Website specializing in Quality Boosting, Smurf Accounts and Excellent Customer Support. While other businesses go for quantity, we aim for quality service, even if it means we have to sacrifice some of the profit. Our number one priority is to complete each order with the best possible outcome!

If you are still not convinced check out the results of our previous orders HERE.


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We reduced our prices by 20% on all services until the counter runs out! Order until it Lasts!

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