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Refund Policy

Concerning refunds:

For virtual goods and services, there is little option for refunds to be issued. Any possibility of a refund is at the sole discretion of the Site’s owner.

However, in the event where a service is not delivered as promised, or other conditions are not met pertaining to the order, the customer may contact us via email, live-chat or skype within 48 hours of the finishing of the order, or while the order is in progress. Any claims against TopLeagueBoost.com after that period of time are going to be judged by the Sites representatives according to the provided proofs by the user of the service.

In the event where an order is canceled prior to being processed and started by our staff, the customer will be refunded 75% of the original order cost once they have contacted us and finalized the cancellation (transaction fees are at the expense of the customer).

Any payment dispute or third-party mediation started by a customer of the Site without contacting us in advance will result in cancellation of your order and no refund.

In cases of chargeback, the owed money will be refunded in the duration of 168 hours period due to safety measures regarding the paypal system.

We are not responsible if the customer does not respond within the allocated time-frame for refunds.

Refunds are processed within 7 days from the request. However, we will only refund the ELO missing, if order non-completion is our fault, or 75% of the total boost value if you no longer wish to get boosted.

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Men Tshirt

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Men Hoodie

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